Neeru’s Emporio, Hyderabad

Category: Retail
Location: Hyderabad
Area: 25000 sq.ft
Client: Neerus Ensembles Pvt. Ltd.
Year: 2016

Customize- & Not Cookie-cutter I Customization to reflect the intent and thought

Synonym with grandeur and elegance, Neeru’s Emporio embarks on a journey of wedding extravaganza. The client brief was to design a store that reflects the values of the brand along with the princely and vintage inheritance. The inspiration for the design came from heritage sites such as Hyderabad’s Falaknuma Palace as well as twentieth-century American and British universities.

The english prints and imagery from the Victorian architectural marvels have influenced the interiors which create a royal backdrop for at the entrance. A structural invention was crafted to design the mezzanine which is suspended from the roof with the use of columns that are integrated with the railings. The mezzanine clears height on both levels and is planned to achieve a series of double height spaces. Huge chandeliers are added in the double height areas to evince a sense of opulence.

An interactive space is devised where the weavers and artisans are seen weaving, to demonstrate the process behind such exquisite craftsmanship, and the clients can interact directly with the weaver and create their own designs.

Both the store and the collection represent a contemporary interpretation of the royal ensemble.  High-end lounges have also been provided to indulge the discerning clientele.

The plush flooring is done in finished marble featuring geometric patterns which underscore the double height atrium. Columns are clad with rich elements such as marble and gold foiling to help accentuate the space. An elaborate staircase connects the two floors of the store.