Office for Communique Marketing Solutions, Gurugram

Category: Workspaces
Location: Gurugram
Area: 1475 sq.ft
Client: Communique Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Year: 2018

Fasten-Form & Function | By Fostering a Sense of Community between Strangers.

The Office for Communique Marketing Solutions creates a modern and egalitarian workspace in an effort to foster creativity, collaboration, and conversation. Its spatial planning emerges as a direct result of this intent: where, an open-plan office format is chosen that is symbolic of transparency.

The larger design strategy–biophilia–endeavors to enhance human engagement with nature in order to craft working spaces that promote happiness, good health, and well-being: ‘by facilitating the elements of air, of light, and of the greens’


The office is designed as a three-storeyed building that crafts a distinctive identity for itself within its immediate urban context. The architectural vocabulary is unmistakably brutalist : the facades are an expanse of exposed concrete punctuated by the measured use of corten steel.

The interior spaces are a celebration of brutal materiality. The wall and ceiling surfaces are left exposed in their natural, unfinished states. These material choices help bring down maintenance costs significantly, while simultaneously enhancing user experience of the spaces.

Disregarding traditional notions of professional hierarchy, this configuration instead encourage democratic engagement within the workforce. The architectural design, as a result, reflects the company’s guiding philosophy, which is predicated on establishing parity across the board to enhance employee experience, productivity, and well-being.

The workspaces are housed within a seamless two-floor volume, accommodating a diverse mix of functions

The Communique Marketing Solutions Office, Gurugram, India, provides a workspace that augments the well-beingof its users in addition to their professional productivity , by creating architecture that celebrates transparency, free thought, and collaboration – architecture that is inherently socialist at its heart.