SS Jewellers, Ambala, Haryana

Category: Retail
Location: Ambala, Haryana
Year: 2021

Innovate- through adaptation I Redefining the old to create a new identity

The role of Architecture oftentimes is deftly entwined with the need of amalgamating the function at hand and the context it dwells in. This process is layered with facets of understanding the impact the space has on its users, the site, and the history that comes in tow with the context. GroupDCA undertakes a similar design trajectory with the new branch of SS Jewellers in Ambala, creating an immersive jewellery boutique as a part of a prime retail complex off Grand Trunk Road.


The team put a modern spin on the traditional influences prevalent in the city, engaging local artists and craftsmen to create a handcrafted medley of details at SS Jewellers. As a heritage brand associated with the legacy of Ambala, the store shines a light on the stated yet opulent architectural roots of the quaint city while reimagining the spaces to adeptly inhabit a contemporary context.


To establish a sense of connection between the volumes of the ground and the first floor, two identical circular openings were created between the floors, introducing a visual connection amidst them. The lift and the staircase were additionally incorporated, tying in with the overriding aesthetic, creating a sense of coherence between the levels. The stairwell has been lined with burgundy-hued fabric cladding panels against which the brass and black marble staircase contrast fittingly. The burgundy colour further travels to the upper floor, bathing the walls and vaulted ceilings in wallpapered sections as a differentiator amidst the two levels.


A set of three vaults sweep overhead on both levels of the store, dividing the area visually and inculcating a geometric identity. Under the vaults are stark black aluminium columns that were assembled at site consisting of a three-portion framework. The trims and rings are strategically placed at the junction of these segments — a modern-day homage to the classic order of columns.



The design approach applied at this Ambala-based jewellery store is groupDCA’s take on viewing classical and ornate design from a refreshed vantage point while keeping the opulence alive. Quintessential features like those of traditional cornices, sculptural columns, arches, and rich metallic finishes are inducted into the designed space, albeit with a neoteric persona. 



At SS Jewellers, groupDCA has initiated a dialogue amidst the past and present to christen the venue with an identity that holds up a mirror to their roots while welcoming a renewed brand sensibility. Symbolic of a wave of urban renewal in the city, the store celebrates the bygone grandiosity of Ambala’s architecture while adopting a suave design DNA.