The Ramdulari, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Category: Residences
Location: Ballygunge, Kolkata
Area: 4360 Sq. M.
Client: Primarc Projects
Year: 2021 - Under Construction


“We should attempt to bring nature, houses and human beings together in a higher unity”

-Ludwing Mies Van Der Rohe

The Ramdulari, a tower spread across 26 floors and over 100 meters tall is a contemporary residential high rise in Kolkata rooted in the tradition of living with nature, sunlight, cross ventilation, greens, and community.

The project is designed as a stack of individual houses, where four distinct layouts with shifting and varying floor slabs create private corners, overhangs and decks, all strategies that provide individual and different conditions in various apartments. The design has been developed from the inside out, with immense thought and detailed approach towards every individual room and  space. 


Typically, residential towers create spaces that are repetitive and anonymous that take the inhabitant away from each other and nature. Here, every apartment is planned to have living spaces with panoramic views from large triple-height landscaped terraces, with diverse foliage to cut down air and noise pollution, creating a perfect microclimate. Organic stepping facades covered in greenery provide a physical and visual barrier from sun, wind, and rain, while rooftop gardens and the facade vegetations also provide natural thermal and solar insulation. 


The aim is to bring greenery, biodiversity, oxygen, emotional well-being, and all the advantages of a “Bungalow” living to this high rise building. The layout is divided in sections that create spaces for entertainment and gatherings, for families to spend time together while enabling individual space and growth. The terraces and balconies also provide individual links between families, creating a vertical neighborhood, fostering a sense of community between residents with a fine balance between proximity and privacy. 


With a cleverly planned Club House, common facilities, and large landscaped greens on the ground and first floors, to comfortable, luxurious spaces for the community on the terrace floor, the project aims to encourage community living.

Aiming to use the most advanced technologies and materials with local sensibilities and context, The Ramdulari aspires to set a new paradigm in contemporary urban living that is both contextual and futuristic