Category: Hospitality
Client: RVN Hospitality
Year: 2018

Exercise- the Eclectic I Rawness of intent; where the design is at the forefront, and is the backbone.


Townhall Mumbai: As the name ‘town hall’ suggests, the main hall is a community space for the purpose of interactions and casual meetings to express and share ideas.

The bar space at every townhall develops an intrinsic character for the spacial setting

Adopting a contemporary design approach for an independent nation within the domain of the colonial heritage and the industrial spirit of a newly independent country, an array of spaces are designed.


Townhall, Gurugram: To optimize the octagon shape site for an efficient layout, the hall is tied together by means of cast-aluminium columns, that bring in the European aesthetic, while adding volume and demarcation to the space. At the top, the octagon is tied together with metal girders, that are worked to break the height and make the spaces feel more intimate.

Varied types of seating spaces with highlighted backdrops add character and create drama to provide an array of experiences. The play of antique mirrors acts like a painting in the backdrop, but provides a different perspective from every angle and every point in the restaurant.

Townhall, Khan Market: Cornices have been recreated in order to rebuild the colonial character. The lighting design focuses on people, the conversations and the overall experience. Mood lighting is assisted with individual lamps from the side of every table and pendant lighting.