Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ), Noida

Category: Retail
Location: Noida
Area: 6000 sq.ft
Client: TBZ Jewellery
Year: 2019

Customize- & Not Cookie-cutter I Redefine local and global trends through customization


Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, a prestigious jewellery brand,and its flagship store represents the brand identity through its contemporary design.

The visual impact of the space on entering is emphasised through the choice of colour palette which is calming, the central area catching the spotlight.


The columns inside the volume of the entire complex have been integrated with the surroundings by infusing them with mirrors and walnut wood textured laminates, lined with golden borders. A fervent predominance of white has been incorporated—on the walls, the ceiling and the floor.


The central area houses smaller but, opulent articles in a glass display of two positioned under a depressed false ceiling painted in lustrous gold. The store fashions other display counters on other two sides. The wall elevation on either sides, have been embellished with display cases in glass elevating the spatial experience of the patrons.


The external façade is one singular built mass maximizing the interior volume of space. An abstract arrangement of square and rectangular shapes for the facade is accentuated by cove lighting and series of golden strips trimming with the overall white background.


The installation of mirrors on the columns add an interesting illusion along with other wall portions instituted by mirrors. Apart from the central false ceiling design, the rest of the ceiling, has a continuous finish with geometrically placed recessed lighting all over.. The complete spatial design encompasses a transcendental ambience.