Village 2 – Office, Kathmandu, Nepal

Category: Workspaces
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Area: 330 Sq. mt.
Client: Vishal Group
Year: 2018

Fasten- Form & Function | Integrating People & Nature

Village 2, an extension to an existing office space is located in the artistic and religiously resonant heritage city – Kathmandu, Nepal. This vertical extension of an existing workspace has been envisioned as a vibrant space, designed for a young workforce, to accommodate a contemporary work culture that is fuelled by an avant-garde style of design.

The design has been abstracted to confine to the existing structural layout, whilst weaving a new narrative. The spatial configuration of the workspace is conceived through the notion of an open office design, directed by both free-flowing circulation spaces as well as acknowledging the need to retain privacy in the workplace. Vertical barriers that restrain visual and creative capacities of the employees, have been replaced with free-flowing spaces emerging out of circulation spines and carefully planned workspaces to enable privacy, while allowing for collaboration.

The arrangement of furniture and inclusion of distinctive wooden screen partitions, assembled through wooden plates that are tied together using ropes have restored the functional capacity of this semi-covered area. This aesthetically enhanced area  catalyses activities on the terrace.

The office space opens onto a terrace, capturing some arresting views. The views have been extended to the strategically oriented workstations, allowing through and through views for the employees. The unconstrained design is synonym to the non-hierarchic and liberal work culture that the office nurtures. Previously obsolete spaces- the terrace and the adjoining semi-open area have been transformed into a break-out space — for work, discussions and lunch. The semi-open passage leading to the open terrace is augmented as an extension of the cafeteria for casual meetings.

 An enclosed room has been incorporated for work related discussions over meals as well.

The challenge of fabricating the space around existing columns and beams of varied dimensions and profiles have been perceived as opportunities in design. As the varied and low height of the beams pose a challenge in the ducting of the HVAC system, non-ductable independent units have been devised to overcome these limitations. The design scheme utilizes the openness of the site, amalgamating the outside views of the surrounding landscape, from within. These intricately created design interventions fabricate a dynamic workplace that augments a collaborative and vibrant ambience in the workspace.