Visage- Corporate Office, Noida

Category: Workspaces
Location: Noida
Area: 20,000 Sq ft
Client: Mr. Vineet Kapur
Year: 2019

Innovate- through adaptation I Redefining the old to create a new identity

The corporate office project for Visage Beauty and health Care Products Pvt. Ltd. in Noida is designed to be a contemporary workspace that facilitates engagement, collaboration, and employee efficacy. Design intervention is enabled amidst the previously-flat floor plates to make the interiors more dynamic while optimizing workplace efficiency and well-being.

The façade on the south-west and south east (that receives maximum sunlight during the day, hence the heat gain) is designed based on volumetric analysis – with carefully designed fins and fenestrations crafted to block the summer sun completely and allow penetration of sunlight during winters. The superposed second façade, i.e. the fins step-up as a solar protection, while giving the elevation increased depth, are built with Corten steel panels.

The heart of this new workplace is the three-storied void or the amphitheatre that connects the building vertically and visually. With striking horizontal and vertical views across and between floors, it presents a clear view of Visage’s everyday life at the office and enables a sense of connection. The stepped amphitheater allows for open discussions and presentations in a muted color palate with the striking black backdrop.

The customized ceiling in the form of horizontal fins is a design response of the façade in order to elevate the dynamics of the interior architectural elements. These fins in ceiling hide services and have efficiently designed down lights for tasks and up lights for general illumination. Furthermore, the fins are cladded with acoustic panels. The quantity and positioning of these panels has been done with carefully calculations in order to provide absolute auditory comfort

The open and authentic spaces are dispersed throughout and are adjacent to the void on all floors, where workstation, conference rooms, and collaboration zones become destinations that drive connections between people, clients and partners.