The Backyard

Sited amidst the busy streets of Green Park, New Delhi, Group DCA created a café cum bar that calls itself the Backyard. Even amidst the framework of chaos, provides an aura of relaxation and happiness by means of every detail. Adopting the manifestation of a backyard, the cafe is designed as a casual hang-out place that would be perfect for a Sunday brunch or a Saturday evening as well for friends and family. Conceptually, it was envisaged as a unique café space where the design intent was to go beyond the mainstream and re-use objects that get relinquished in their backyard. To capture this essence, the furniture is created out of crates and barrels and the stools are made out of industrial metal, and reclaimed wood. Demarcation of space is enabled by means of plants and trees that augment the natural ambience, while reducing the sound that is generated from the movement on the streets nearby and vice-versa.

Location:   Green park, New Delhi

Area:   1910 sq.ft.

Client:   Relief India Hospitality Solutions (P) Ltd

Year:   2015