The Townhall  is located around a central plaza in the midst of several other restaurants in a highly commercialized modern-day Gurugram. As a result, the idea was to reinforce the legacy of the brand within this contemporary locale-crafting a unique identity while carrying tradition forward. The site brought in several challenges: odd-shape, angular entry, and multiple oddly-placed columns. In response, the design of the façade and the glazing was exploited to optimize natural light, and to generate a small outdoor seating space. An attempt was made to re-create a large, emblematic, central, indoor, public space with smaller ancillary spaces around it to provide it with the archetypal character of Townhall. An octagonal plan was devised to optimize the layout and to facilitate the spatial allocation: it visually divides the space and practically enables functionality in the limited space available.

Location:   Gurugram, India

Area:   3620 sqft

Client:   RVN hospitality

Year:   2017