Architecture Material Selection for Residential Projects

by groupdca November 1, 2019

Having completed more than two decades in the Architecture Industry, Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal, Principal Architects of groupDCA, one of Delhi’s best architecture and interior design firm, feel that ‘Selection of Material’ in today’s context does not get its due attention and scrutiny where as this aspect is of paramount importance and can affect the residents in the long run. The selection should be considered in accordance to the fact that one material blends with the others, the effect it has on the budget, the detailing and sustenance. Selection should also be in accordance to the climatic conditions and surroundings of the area. These parameters refer generally to the exterior spaces, however some considerations like textures, aesthetics along with the look and feel of the space should be considered while selecting material for interiors of a place.

As one of the best residential architecture firm in Delhi, groupDCA has executed some top residential designs in the country using locally produced or sourced material. Using traditional crafts keeps the environmental footprint low and encourages local craftsmanship which is the need of the hour. For example, an architect can use local material favoring the Indian climate even for luxury housing. A set of complementing materials should be utilized. Some architects do not consider this aspect earnestly. The biggest enemy for any architecture project is water and that should be analyzed before selecting a material.

Sometimes, the selection of material is based on inspiration. As to create a larger than life space, rich and elegant materials are used. At times, the subtle usage of materials and textures that blend seamlessly with the overall color palette, lighting of an expanse are given importance. Often we have been a little experimental using Ochre PU panels, and Calcutta White as the stone flooring material for a luxury jewellery store. With the advancement and availability of versatile technology, selecting the material is of paramount importance. This has given us flexibility as materials are being utilized in different ways. Like we used wooden doors and exposed brickwork in ash grey combined with sand blasted reclaimed wood used in the furniture as it is sustainable and added the required eclectic feel to the space.

In a nutshell, one should be conscious and aware in selecting the material for individual spaces.

groupDCA is an award-winning, nationally and internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary design firm. Known for its top retail interior designs, the firm is based out of New Delhi, India, providing services in Architecture, Interior designand Design Coordination across a wide range of building types. Founded in 1996, the firm is helmed by Architects Amit Aurora and Rahul Bandal. Over the last two decades, the firm has accomplished some of the best retail and hospitality projectsin India.

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