Luxurious Salon Designed by DCA in Delhi and NCR

by groupdca November 1, 2019

As the salon culture basks in its budding trendiness and reputation, a stylish place to spend the beauty time, creates a more beautiful and relaxed self. With the society constantly moving towards achieving a ‘more luxurious lifestyle’, spending time in salons has become an important recreational activity for both men and women.

To cater to this growing trend, the well-known skin care brand O3+ distinguishes itself by tuning up its professionals in their advanced training centre, called Visage that serves as a learning place for all its staff. Creating a niche in design, DCA Architects has exceptionally crafted this comprehensive learning environment that is learner-centric, functional, aesthetically pleasing and strongly supportive of the brand’s identity.

As one enters into the reception, a tranquil space welcomes the visitors. The skin bar stands opposite to the reception, complemented by a sublime white ceiling over it. The warm lights in the space set the right atmosphere. Stretching out to the right of the skin bar, a full height display exhibits the brand’s tailor made world class cosmetics and skin care products. The wall also boasts the branding logo, displayed in black on a warm backdrop. Howbeit, the space is conducive to learning, yet provides a calm, comfortable and soothing environment that resonated with the brand ethos.

The reception narrows down to a lobby that leads on to the facial rooms and classrooms. The spatial planning is enabled in a manner that helps to give a less claustrophobic feeling to the space.

The classrooms are designed as per a commercial setting. The centre is equipped with high-class technology and lets the training staff gain practical experience, before stepping out into the real arena. The client’s desire for a soothing environment is satisfied by a neutral palette and warm details dotted throughout the space.The false ceiling in wood further accentuates the design, while highlighting the space and lending it a unique identity.

The model facial room that lies adjacent to the meeting room, is a replica of the actual space and showcases how the real space and service should be. The reclining styling, display shelves and frames all feature the clinical finish.The face sink is housed in a podium in the rear. The warmth and charm of the room is enhanced by Use of wood in some places.

The meeting rooms are used for conversations and discussions on how they are going to perform the services in their salons and what they have to work on. Lined up by large windows on one side, used to exploits the neighboring views. The ceiling is a feature in each room and breaks the monotony of the color tone. The grey in the ceiling creates warmth within the white, clean look of the space. The grey mat flooring and the touch of simplistic lighting is soothing and adds calm to the serene environ. The design still adds warmth, character and a comfort zone to the space.

The design for this centre is simple and evokes an aura of peace, calm and relaxation that attempts to create an indulgent space for the learners. This is achieved through design and the materials used in a clinical color and theme that is prevalent for skin care rooms world-wide.

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