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by groupdca October 17, 2019

The contemporary design comprehension of a brand or its entity is identity oriented. Accordingly, brands along with their designated spaces are visualized by the consumer, making them a part of a holistic experience, captivating their hearts.

In the domain of watches, groupDCA has carved a niche for itself by executing some magnificent projects across India. Being one of the best retail design firm in Delhi,

The successive characteristics of luxury products therefore correlate largely with the store design. As a result, in an efficient store, the emphasis of the user on the products will be enhanced with architecture filling-in as an aid.

One such example Johnson Watch & Company built on an area of 1200 sq. ft,

The prime thought was to give a contemporary design finish with basic, distinguished palette of materials, meticulously placed in a manner to allow the watches to act as an adornment leaving the consumers spell bound.

Basic materials and a warm, light palette exhibit the retailer’s sensibility. Contrasting display stone boundaries were used to emphasize on the inter relation between the zones. Central master piece of light has been placed to break the consistency of the symmetrical flooring and ceiling pattern. Fine gold metallic Jali pattern at the elevation of the display counter with each Watch enclosed in a glass box and graciously displayed portrays the grandness of the brand.

The Kapoor watch & Company built in the year 2009 draws the users by its brand versatility exhibited in a breathtaking fashion. Placed in the heart of aristocracy (DLF EMPORIO), it is a rapturous luxury of the exquisite guests.

Group DCA has delineates and executed the design for this store with heterogeneous brand range.

The main focus was to design the store in a way that provides great visibility to all the brands showcased in the store.

On an area of 53.64 sq. m., the watch gallery has been regarded as a timeless masterpiece of fine artistry. Great efforts in layout and creativity concerning function, materials, and visuals have made this store simply unique.

A store, being the fundamental inspiration and attraction of a brand entity compliments the products displayed alluring the users. Therefore, the guideline for the interior design is to use aesthetically pleasing color combinations and to develop magnificent structures creating a soft atmosphere, comfortable and elegant setting with sobriety.


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