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by groupdca October 17, 2019

Over the years, ‘space’ as an expression has acquired multiple meanings and has evolved in terms of its perception and design. Spaces may need to be dramatic & emphatic, warm & calming, straight & functional, or minimalistic & simple. Different users derive different usage out of a space. In a day and age where large spaces are either very few or very expensive, the importance of  ‘relevant design’ and ‘value-engineering’ has become paramount.

While macro spaces are perceived as a combination of the larger ambience, spaces surrounding it and its use by masses, micro spaces witness a more personalized and customized design approach. In today’s era of specialization, modularity and flexibility, spatial designing and multi-functionality have become a common and detailed phenomenon.

Design and Articulation of pre-existing small spaces is recommended in a manner that it creates a fresh definitive space, yet also maintains a relation to the previous meaning / experience lent by the space. The driving factors to instill the same comes from a variety of elements that can be used to ornament a space. Factors such as highlights, contrasts, harmony and balance could be inculcated through the conscious choice of material, lighting, color palette etc.

After having executed various design projects across India, one of India’s top architecture firm, groupDCA thinks, small spaces also need to be versatile in order to compensate for its limitations in structural changes and volume. Multifunctional items like modular tables, which combine together as conference tables and/or storage in offices, sitting that couples up as storage, or kitchen work-tops that are adaptable as dining spaces in homes – increase the efficiency of a space. Use of elements like glass, mirrors and green plants lend a spacious & positive feel.

A simple office corner cubicle with elements like ambient lighting, glass partitions, a neutral color palette and a touch of green could do the trick.  Greenery could be infused in the design from even a small potted plant, but it will permeate to give a completely different experience as compared to a cubicle left bland, dull and mono-functional. Additionally, incorporating art (as per the likes of the user) gives a warm-personal feel to the space. Detailing of elements in a small space design has the capability to impact a user to a great extent.

To sum up, the productivity of a space can be judged from the satisfaction its user derives from it and a designer is called proficient if he/she is able to ensure the same.

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