Residential Projects in Delhi

by groupdca October 17, 2019

groupDCA works on a wide scale of residential projects, ranging from contemporary design to classic architectural.

GroupDCA is one of the best residential architecture firm in Delhi, having executed some state of the art residential designs in the country. GroupDCA designs bespoke residences with an artistic edge and varied architectural design sensibilities. The home is for their resident which is a paradise of color, material, texture and surprising elements in every nook and corner.

A dream residence- is a haven, a place of comfort for any individual. The client’s aspirations are given utmost importance and are pivotal in shaping the design and interiors of a residence. All top residential designs of DCA have their own inherent character, reflecting upon the owner’s disposition.

Having acquired rich expertise in architectural materials & products, groupDCA plays the role of a catalyst in achieving the client’s yearnings and desires through their architecture and designs. The resulting space is always unique.

One of the finer examples of this is the Arora Residence in Sainik Farms, New Delhi.

Embracing varied spatial design sensibilities, groupDCA shaped the interior design of this residence at Sainik Farms inspired by the unconventional artistic taste of the client. Richly detailed, the contemporary residence provides a sumptuous visual feast with interest in every corner. Colors were selected according to the mood of the space. The aesthetics of the completed home could be described  as a fusion of multiple interior design elements that merge into one space while simultaneously celebrating each object’s individuality—a marriage of ideas enhancing and complementing one another which births a unique balance. The home abounds with an array of textures, colors and materials—the creative use of MS  sheets, unfinished and raw  wood in most  of  the furniture pieces, and rough textured  white paint  in  the study are all elements that add a vintage yet eclectic ambiance to the spaces. The client beautifully sums up the experience of this striking contemporary residence when he says: “It is the cultivation of many thoughts which fused to form one story.”

groupDCA provides high end, convenient interiors, designed such that opulence is not restrained by the budget and is felt in all the residences. The layouts of the interior spaces  is highly modern, well lit and a spacious place. The ceiling height, is kept high in areas like drawing rooms and dining rooms – adding to the grandeur and is kept low in areas like bedrooms and lounges adding to the cozy feel of the space. Each space is highly personalized as per the individual utilizing it. The colors and finishes of the walls and floors are generally kept muted with the intent of giving due emphasis to the pieces of furniture and art in the room. This also ensures the client the flexibility of changing color schemes and look of the place as the time goes by. Our beliefs, knowledge & experience have helped us in making beautiful homes with quality interior design and architecture for very satisfied clients.

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