Anand Jewels, Indore

Located in a prime suburban location in Indore, Anand Jewels is a luxury jewelry store spread across 4000 sq. ft. The space evokes an aura of elegance and splendor through its refined, luxuriant façade, a robust and impressive entrance. Read more here.


Townhall As the name ‘town hall’ suggests, the main hall is a community space for the purpose of interactions and casual meetings to express and share ideas. Read more here.

Office for Communique Marketing Solutions, Gurugram

A modern and egalitarian workspace in an effort to foster creativity, collaboration, and conversation. The spatial planning emerges as a direct result of this intent; where, an open-plan office format is chosen that is symbolic of transparency. Read more here.

L’Oreal PPDA

L’Oreal PPDA The L’Oreal Training Academy, Delhi provides a state-of-the-art space for a diverse functional program ,that can accommodate the business and training requirements of various brands, while simultaneously providing flexible spaces to host events. Read more here.

Enrich Salon, Bangalore

Enrich Salon The site  - an old bungalow at the centre of an urban site with an extensive open backyard and frontage. Covered in vegetation — and shrouded with indigenous trees and plants, the space has been envisaged as a fusion of the site with the tropical character intrinsic to the city. Read more here.


Customized furniture, designed and executed, for various brands and projects to provide exclusivity. See more here.

Gujral Residence, Delhi

Combination of lavish interior spaces with an appealing exterior elevation, the Gujral house is a composed oasis for living. A modern refreshing building resurrected through an interplay of materials gives the building its disparate look. Read more here.